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Our Purpose

We have all heard the saying: “If mama ain't happy- nobody's happy”!

That is how powerfully our own happiness affects everyone around us! 


When we are happy, joyful and radiant, we illuminate, beautify, elevate everybody and everything around us. We are gifted with the greatest gifts of all – to create and give life. We are delicate beings capable of giving, loving and nurturing. We are Goddesses and healers, we care for our loved ones and for our communities. We came from Mother Nature and were created in her image: abundant, sensual, balancing, cyclic, life-supporting, and above all powerful. 

But today we see women being exhausted, depleted, overworked, angry, disappointed, depressed… What happened to us? Instead of honoring our divine nature, we forgot our power, we dimmed our light, we shut our hearts, we gave up on our desires, and compromised for what is, instead of what we would love it to be. 

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Is it that in the effort to please everyone we forgot about ourselves?

Is it that we have not healed our pain passed down through generations so we had to detach from our bodies, hide our feminine softness and sensuality and put protective armor around us to keep us safe from harm? Did we detach from our own nature so much that we see other women as potential threats and competition? Did we forget that it takes a woman to make a woman (think, your mother, sister, teacher)?


On the contrary of outdated societal views about women, we believe that women possess the greatest creative force in nature. We strongly believe in women’s capability to regenerate, revive, heal, connect and support one another. We believe in the force of women’s desire and that we women are at their best when being a part of a supporting community of like-minded women.


We also believe that any profound transformation in our lives starts with personal transformation. Beauty in Paradise Retreats was born out of a powerful desire to share our knowledge and experience to help women reclaim their Goddess power and contribute to the rise of this awakening on a collective level. 


We believe that Beauty is a virtue and we organize retreats in Paradise – places that inspire us. Our program is tailored to bring introspection, awareness and clarity, but also teach on how to properly love, value and honor ourselves. The coaching and the workshops transform how you feel about your life now and how you would design it going forward. You will be called forward into the woman you want to become and the life you want to live in.


Our retreats are organized in small groups to ensure individualized attention and opportunity to better connect to each other. We carefully select participants to ensure optimal group synergy for optimal personal results.