Don’t follow me - I may not lead.
Don't lead me - I may not follow.
Just walk with me and be my sister

Who We Are And What We Believe In

Gifted with the power of creation, we believe women possess the power to bring to life everything they desire.

We believe in sisterhood, in connecting, in supporting and collaborating with women.

We believe in embracing every aspect of womanhood at every stage of life.

We created Beauty and Paradise Retreats to inspire women to let go of self-doubt and replace it with self-love and self worth, to unlock their potential and walk through life in their full power!

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Not that she is fun to be around, she is a real artist with a keen eye for details. As the founder of ProMakeup By Natasha, Nastova Photography and Professional interpreting Canada she has been rocking the makeup and style world for over 13 years. 

A mother, a feminist, an artist and a mentor with great passion for empowering women, she delivers results in every area.

Travelling the world she worked with women from all cultures and backgrounds. In the process, she understood that women share the same passion, creativity and desire for improving their lives and the lives of everyone around them. Being surrounded with women she dedicated her work to elevating women in areas of self love, confidence and discovering their inner strengths and beauty. 

From a male dominated Army career she flourished in an artistic, feminine one.  Through her own life experience and years of personal and professional development, she shares wisdom and encouragement to women in their own personal growth.  Her coaching consists of powerful strategies to balance  professional and personal goals and achieve success, while standing true in their own feminine nature.


For over 20 years she was a “suit and heels” legal professional in the tough corporate world of downtown Toronto. Working in a fast-paced, demanding legal career, she found the needed balance in life through travelling the world. While cruising the globe, she synced the most with sunshine and turquoise waters of the Caribbean and fell in love with the flavours, the music and the laid-back lifestyle of the island life. 

She believes in living the life geared by your dreams, and not by your fears! During the Covid pandemic, she took a bold step and embraced the life she dreamed of, by the sea and the coconut trees. She replaced the concrete jungle for a lush, tropical one and her power suit (she kept the heels though!), for colourful, breezy summer dresses. 

Embraced in nature, she found tranquillity, balance and enjoyment in life’s simple treasures that she needed. 

A mother, a daughter, a graduate of the School of Womanly Arts, with years invested in personal development, she supplies and delivers ideas, workshop curriculum and organisation to the Beauty in Paradise Retreats.


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